15/04/10 10 000 kms with John Tanner
Support this great independent film project. Click on the image for more information. John Tanner gets his board across the land from Moscow to Hong Kong.

15/04/10 Manny Mania France with Cliché
The French Manny Mania will kick off in Lyon May 2nd and finish once again in Lyon for the final July 10th.

14/04/10 Sammy destroys!
More truck news, this time with Sammy who is backing Destructo trucks with Arto Saari. Sammy can also pop mean ollies like Brophy.

13/04/10 Flo x Venture
After JB its up to Flo to represent Venture in their latest ads. Click for his itw.

12/04/10 Lucas is King!
The people have chosen Lucas as the new King. Over 17 000 people viewed the edit with 10 000 votes, close to half of those going to Lucas. Well done mate, your new engraved Opinel is in the post and expect those 1000 pesetos next month. Junior has made a little clip for all to see on the Clicheskate Facebook page.

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